WCM Factory Inc. is the macro building block of WCM Group and operating in the field of metal products manufacturing. The company has successfully completed many private and public projects in domestic and abroad fields with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing of metal products. All undertaken projects of company are operating in 4000 m² production facilities in Hadımköy / İstanbul with active applications of international quality, environmental sustainability and worker safety conditions.

The company aims to pass an automation system with machinery and equipments that it develops continuously, and follows closely the current technologal developments and applies most suitable production technics, so stops cost increases without sacrificing quality.

The company has a product portfolio which is determined as a result of analyzing the market needs and it includes signboards, totem signages, kiosks, store stands, product display stands, light shelf systems, in-car stands, plexi design and can produce also custom products in the direction of customer requests.

The company, working to create a creative team with modern human resources philosophy, has embraced the use of the latest communications and internet technologies for the rapid data flow and rapid decision-making authority needed to translate dynamic market conditions into advantage.

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