Cardboard stands are displaying tools that are designed to be positioned at various points of a store which are made from cardboard and have product specific designs. Details and durability are important in the stands of this product group. Despite being manufactured from the cardboard, these stands, which are high-performance displaying tools can enable many different product groups to be delivered to the customers. When the images, colors and similar details of the brands are added on the cardboard stands, these stands can be both affordable and look great.

WCM Factory is one of the best companies which are producing store and display stands and ensures that you display your product portfolio in the best way with the products which are manufactured with materials such as wires and metals.

WCM Factory produces stands with shelves, hangers and baskets and podous, benchtop, hanging structures and with various features and functions, so provides you to present your products at points that make you able to reach your target group and increase your sales.